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Clarabelle "Cal" Galen

Wallwater Electric High School "Youth Response" Assessment for Students Soon to Graduate

Please answer the following questions using CLEAR AND LEGIBLE handwriting.
1. Your full name:

My full name is Clarabelle P. Galen.

2. Describe your household- how many live there, what condition is it in, etc.

I live at 7 Rogers Road with my parents. Our house is quite spacious and excellent for receiving guests, and we like to entertain company.

3. Have you done well academically at W.E.H.S.?

Yes I have!

3b. If your answer was "NO," how could you have done better?

4. What classes did you particularly enjoy?

I really enjoyed the literature and art classes that I've taken, but I also have a soft spot in my heart for cooking class- even though I already knew everything!

5. What sort of EXTRA-CURRICULAR, SCHOOL ORGANIZATION activities have you participated in?

Oh dear, let's see. I am in the Girls' Charitable Works Commitee, the Esteemed Young Ladies club, the quilting club, the reading club, the Young Ladies Garden Group, and the Sisterly Outreach Association.

6. What are your hobbies outside of school?

I enjoy baking, sewing, reading, seeing plays and musical performances, helping others, and having a nice time with my friends.

8. ETHICS & MORALS. If you found TWENTY DOLLARS on the sidewalk, what would you do?

Oh my! I would take it straight to the police station! You never know what a small act of kindness can do!

9. AMBITIONS & ASPIRATIONS. What do you intend to do after graduating? CONSIDER Young men, will you be able to FINANCIALLY SUPPORT A FAMILY?

After graduation I would like to be married and have a large family of my own.

10. PRIDE & APPEARANCES. We remind students that they represent Wallwater Electric High School, as well as the town of Wallwater, even when outside of school. With this in mind, what would you consider to be your best feature? (POSTURE, DRESS, HYGIENE, ETC.)

I try to act as a role model for the younger girls- some of them come from damaged families and have no women to look up to! I try to do my best in all areas in this regard.

11. What skills do you possess that are likely to help you in the future?

I am responsible and caring and good at making friends.

13. Share an interesting fact about yourself.

Hmm! Sometimes during gardening club, I will sneak a few seeds into someone else's flower pot so that they can have a pretty surprise!

14. YOU HAVE NEARLY COMPLETED THE QUESTIONNAIRE. What is your most cherished memory from your time spent at Wallwater High School?

Oh dear, my most cherished memory must be the times I've volunteered at the hospital to bring comfort to elderly patients. One old woman thought I was her daughter and was so happy to see me each week that I didn't have the heart to tell her she was mistaken! I decided it would be best to go along with it and did so until she passed away. I helped her paint pictures of the village she had grown up in, she had immigrated from Scotland as a young girl. She was a wonderful woman and it was a touching experience to be sure! (Sorry two write out such a long response!)

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