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Reply mitchellbravo, March 5th, 2013, 9:59 am

I'm probably biased, but I think Leon is the cutest character in this comic.

Anyway, Hooray! New storyline!


Reply Hjels, March 12th, 2013, 1:49 am

I don't know. I think he looks a bit sinister. What's he hiding behind those glasses?

Reply mitchellbravo, March 12th, 2013, 10:08 am

@Hjels: Deformed tri-pupiled eyes.

Reply Oly-RRR, July 26th, 2014, 1:00 pm

D'awww. X)

Reply Squirreltastic-Blue, December 15th, 2014, 12:43 pm

Leon's a cool cat.

Reply mitchellbravo, December 15th, 2014, 3:32 pm

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