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Reply mitchellbravo, November 25th, 2014, 5:13 pm

What if I wasn't true rubbish at drawing a bottle. Meditate upon such a suggestion

So, like I probably mentioned yesterday, this is the end of this scene. We'll return to Aggie and Donny once more this chapter, which is drawing toward a close though not as rapidly as I wished.

Haven't started the next scene yet but I hope to have it up BEFORE THE YEAR'S END. D: D:

An early Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American readers and sentimental ex-pats. My favorite holiday, though it's looking like these parts are gonna get snowed out and plans botched this year. If you're in a snow-whomped area stay safe when traveling. Seriously. I only have like 5 of you guys reading this, my future is invested in each and every one of you.

Hope to see you all again soon.


Reply Oly-RRR, November 25th, 2014, 7:13 pm

I have no doubt Mitzi is actually capable of throwing Donny out in the streets, the only thing I'm not sure about is if she'll need any help at all or do it on her own...

Bottles are evil! You have no idea how much I hated them during my pre-uni years because any art class I seemed to take before uni and a large chunk of freshman year life drawing was mostly about bloody bottles. And some fruit and veg and random drapery. The still life ingredient I remember most fondly is pumpkins - mostly because they always have funny shapes and two of them exploded mid-class once. Anyway, I think I got reasonably okay with bottles but I still dislike drawing them to this day. :P

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that seem nice to me despite having no connection to them, I mean people gather together with their families and have a dinner and everything is cosy when it's already cold outside, what's not to like! X) I'd like to draw something like that but you know what my to-draw list is like and anyway, I have no clue what exactly to draw, the distant American relatives of one of the characters are not developed yet (but of course I can always draw your gang)! Well, Carl is American but his family moved to the UK when he was a kid and I doubt he feels much connection.

How come you are getting snow when we're still not getting much snow? Just tell it to shift its snowy arse over here if it shows up, I'm kinda tired of seeing dead grass covered with frost which makes it cold anyway. 8I

Reply mitchellbravo, November 25th, 2014, 9:13 pm

@Oly-RRR: LOL. The idea of those brittle little arms having Donny-lifting strength is particularly ticklesome to me.

Ahahaha I really need to honestly just practice bottles more but it seems like despite having plenty around ready to pose (rolls eyes) they always come out looking like, well, like a seven year old drew them. Maybe an ADVANCED seven year old, but still.


Ahahaha that's exactly what I like about it! Lots of good memories growing up and it's my favorite time of year with most of my favorite foods available to eat in any quantity desired, the long drive to get to wherever we were going and looking at the scenery and listening to music peacefully in the car... coming home and rolling away to bed :P Hehe, that'd be kind of a fun short, someone pestering Carl whether his family still celebrates it or something like that. I'm sure there are other feasting days that are similar but there are some unique attributes to Thanksgiving.

The snow hasn't come QUITE yet... it hit up by my sister but other than a dusting the other week it's not here at the moment. Tonight and tomorrow morning it's supposed to rain, and then the rain to turn to snow by afternoon and then SNOW SNOW SNOW (dongs dongs dongs). Ahahahaha my LEAST favorite part of winter is when the snow has come and then started to melt away and you just have the decaying plant matter releasing odors into the air, like great for the remaining plants and all but, lol, ewww.

Reply Oly-RRR, November 25th, 2014, 9:48 pm

@mitchellbravo: She can always butt him with that magnificent chin or I dunno... I'm not well-versed in dentistry of the era (though I bet it was painful!) but I know older dentures used to be radioactive. Though probably not THAT old.

I think your bottles just need more shading, like a circle around where necks meet bodies and maybe a couple of vertical stripes down the body part. I mean I'm sure my bottles aren't geometrically perfect but adding a couple details tends to make a difference.

There is no EPIC story, it's just that there were two or three pumpkins (one of them was a stereotypical Halloween pumpkin, the other two were smaller and rounder) used in our still lives and I guess they were slowly rotting inside but unlike all normal vegetables they didn't just get soft and gross, they spontaneously exploded within half an hour. It was brilliant - PLOP! and half the still life was gone and we spent some time cleaning up the remains and carrying them out to the bins outside, that was fun (you can tell I didn't like that class). :D

Aw yeah, Carl wouldn't have memories like that - his immediate family was kind of alienated from extended family when he was growing up so I guess if he has any memories of family gatherings they would be really awkward. Haha, yeah, a short like that would be fun, I need to think of it! :D I mean I can even imagine Murray asking him, she always tries to get the patients to talk about stuff like that which isn't so much a "do you want to talk about it???" thing as an attempt to get them talking about something besides porn, conspiracies, profanities and porn again or just talking at all.

Yesss, I hate that part of winter too (well, here it's usually around March so it's technically spring but still)!!

Reply jolokiapepper97, November 26th, 2014, 6:14 pm

@mitchellbravo: Wow, the angle in that third panel is awesome!

Argh, I knew Donny was trouble from the start!!! The bottles, however, I did not suspect ;P

Reply mitchellbravo, November 26th, 2014, 7:33 pm

@Oly-RRR: Oh, thanks for the bottle advice! I'm sure I'll be able to intuit things like that once I practice more.

Oh my gosh, that's terrific. XD My friend had a banana that she left in her dorm room over the weekend once and when she came back, the banana had burst and this syrupy liquid had come out and gone all over the things the banana had been resting on O_O we never figured out why, and typing "banana burst" into Google just gave us smoothie recipes...

Lmao, Murray is sounding more and more like me trying with my kids in school XD And yeah, our stinky-decomposing-winter time is usually in late Feb into March depending on the temps... that used to be a lot of fun at school, having that time immediately followed by the semen bushes coming into bloom D:

Reply mitchellbravo, November 26th, 2014, 7:34 pm

@jolokiapepper97: Thank you!!! I was trying to figure out something different other than front-on as the rest of the panels had been and was able to sketch it out really quickly, so I'm glad it looks good! :D Ahahaha yeah, Donny kind of wears a sign around his neck essentially- and I don't think it's that Aggie didn't see it back when things started, I think she just wanted to ignore that truth so she could get away from her home, you know?

Reply Oly-RRR, November 26th, 2014, 8:30 pm

@mitchellbravo: Google has no idea of the hidden banana menace! And it is weird, they usually just shrivel...

Please tell me your kids are not into porn and conspiracies yet! XD But yeah, I bet there are many similarities!

Reply mitchellbravo, December 1st, 2014, 3:38 pm

@mraab: Ahahahahaha :P One detail I usually try to include to keep the comic appropriate to the time period. Sometimes I forget to add it, though Donny's should be considerably yellower than a lot of the others!

Reply Lassek, December 2nd, 2014, 8:34 pm

I just finished reading the entire comic. It's just so gosh darn wholesome and real! I was doubtful about liking the art style, but it grew on me. The characters are great. There's been some great humor esp with the tall guy. Subbed

Reply mitchellbravo, December 3rd, 2014, 6:03 am

@Lassek: Awwww thank you so much!!! I'm so glad to hear all of that. I hope you will enjoy the story as it goes forward, too! :D

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