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Reply mitchellbravo, September 6th, 2015, 6:39 pm

Hey guys. Hope some of you have returned.

We last saw Marie six months ago, and you can click "previous page" twice to see her sitting in this same position! If you're wondering how she wound up here, that'll be made more clear in time, you didn't miss the explanation or anything.

It took me a long time to get situated with this chapter. I had a lot of personal things going on that prevented me from even writing the script for the chapter. The point is, I sought help, I worked through it, and I'm doing much better now. I apologize for not communicating more throughout the summer about my absence but like realistically how many times would you guys even want to hear me saying "Nope, sorry, still not ready, maybe a few more weeks." It seems like every time I make a promise of returning by a certain time, it just doesn't work out, so I figured this time around it was better to just keep my mouth shut and let the chapter start when it was ready.



The rest of the pages for this scene are done as we speak, they just need to be edited. I'm taking it easy with the editing this time around and not busting my ass over it like I used to, nitpicking every little over-colored-boundary or marker streak. I just, like, let's be real, I don't really care? And I don't really think you guys care that much? And if I can eliminate the steps that don't really matter and make the whole process seem like a chore, maybe that'll make it easier for me to work on pages in general, and I'll be able to update more often. It's a long shot but maybe it's worth a try.

I know I picked up a reader or two during the hiatus, so welcome, I hope you're here to see the new pages. I know I also lost a few readers during it and will probably lose more than I'll gain as the chapter goes on. For the rest of the readers who've been sticking around the whole time regardless, thank you so much, from the bottom of my weird heart. I hope you'll enjoy the chapter. I chewed it up enough I think it's swallowable by now.

See you tomorrow.


Reply General.Hankins, September 6th, 2015, 7:09 pm

First? First!


I read that in a Tarzan - like voice, and now I have soda in my nose. Haha

You were right! I joined just in time!

Reply Dranxis, September 6th, 2015, 9:25 pm

Yesss, an arc about Marie! I really want to know more about her!

Glad to hear you're feeling better and that you're going to take it easy on the editing-- you really don't need to be a perfectionist about it. Editing fine details is such a joyless part of the process and doesn't contribute -that- much to the overall look of the page. I wouldn't notice the little places where colors overlap unless I was looking for them tbh.

Also, I love the color gradation of the hills in the final panel, looks very realistic!

Reply Oly-RRR, September 6th, 2015, 10:39 pm

I knew this would make my day BUT IT STILL MADE MY DAY! YOU SERIOUSLY RULE :D I sort of wanted to say "I hope you start updating soon, that would surely cheer me up a tad" but that sounded sort of... weird and kind of nagging in the situation where you were NOT ready to update. BUT YOU ARE SO- GOOD! \o/


I love the background crowd, especially the ginger guy and that gay couple having relationship issues wait no they are probably students oh well still could be a couple?

And I think it's a good decision about editing! I try to get more loose with digital because I know I never bother with that sort of stuff when it comes to traditional, I think we can chalk up marker streaks and accidental overlaps and all to beeeing arteeeests! Seriously, this IS a step that can be skipped and the page looks good and I want more!

I had a flashback of Hoodsie and Aunt Myrtle's pig farm but I think it's because of Mrs Thayer. XD "ROBERT JOSEPH BISHOP!!1"

Reply Bluezilla, September 7th, 2015, 3:00 am

Oh, hooray for having emotional issues and seeking help for them and coming through them!! (That sounds like sarcasm, but it's not, it's really not. I wish that many of my friends would be as open and real about it.) I'm glad to hear you're doing better and can update again!! Definitely not falling off the LE boat. :) And feelings, they are always an issue, yeah?? ANyway you're making me have good feelings by updating again, and i hope that the new way of working on pages helps you out.

Marie!! OMG, her mother?grandmother? has HER SAME NOSE. I like this detail.

Glad to see updates! hooray!

Reply mitchellbravo, September 7th, 2015, 4:26 pm

@General.Hankins: I am reading it in that voice too, including everything else I posted. Including this right now. So thank you for that. XP

@Dranxis: It's great to get to write about her! She's kind of been tertiary at best the last few chapters, she needs her time in the sun.

"Editing fine details is such a joyless part of the process and doesn't contribute -that- much to the overall look of the page. I wouldn't notice the little places where colors overlap unless I was looking for them tbh." I totally agree about the first part! Like yeah I'll get blobs off of people's faces so it doesn't look like they came out of a food fight, or fix lines that I messed up on and look confusing, but in general people seem to read the pages really quickly so I don't think there's time for the miscolorings to really cause issue. And that's really good to know! Sometimes it's really glaringly obvious to me, but then I should be the one looking most critically at my work so it makes sense!

And thank you so much!! I took a gamble with that one and wound up really liking the texture it took on. I think it gets the job done well enough!

@Oly-RRR: I'M GLAD I WAS ABLE TO HELLLLP. I wanted to send you a message that the page was really close to being done but again it was one of those situations where I didn't want to jinx it and figured it was better to just work on it and get it put up and let it speak for itself???

LOL YESSSSS. They almost all look like they could be related a bit, too, the gaunt mean look about them XD I can see Marie keeping Wayland occupied in the meantime, telling him blatant lies, adorning his hair with twigs and fronds, Wayland wondering whether spending time with his mum is actually less terrifying in comparison....

AHAHAHA THANKS they were really fun to draw XD Ginger guy may make an appearance again sometime, I kind of regret not saving that design for a regular character. I LEAVE THE PSEUDOGAYS UP FOR INTERPRETATION

Thanks so much!!! I do think I can relax about it because it doesn't really look noticeably worse than pages where I went back and slaved over editing them, you know? And normally with the last silhouette of Marie I would have blacked it out with #000000 but when it was scanned I kind of liked leaving the organic look like that.

OH MY GOD LMAO YESSSSSSSSSSS. That show was freaking fabulous.

@Bluezilla: Hahahaha no I totally got you!! I'm considering myself very lucky in that I was able to make the choice for myself to get help, was ABLE to get help pretty quickly, and then actually made real progress with it and it really did help. I think if I had put things off longer, steps 2 and definitely 3 would have been a lot more difficult. And I'm so glad to still have you along!!! Your comments always brighten my day!!

Reply Oly-RRR, September 7th, 2015, 7:00 pm

@mitchellbravo: Hahaha nooo, I think Wayland would enjoy hanging with Marie, they seems to be similar kind of socially awkward! XD IT'D STILL BE TERRIFYING THOUGH BUT FOR EVERYONE ELSE - those two spend an afternoon together and all of a sudden there is a building destroyed, a junior librarian moves to India, ten hair stylists join a convent, local residents have unexplained memory loss and hair loss and there's a left shoe stolen somewhere. 8I

Yesss keep the ginger guy in one way or another!!

And yeah I like the organic look too! I especially like the hills with their overlaps, it's the kind of cool natural colouring lots of people would try to achieve on purpose (there was totally some cartoon or comic somewhat similar backgrounds but I can't think what it is yet). :D

Also I just realised that my recent attempts to shade random doodles with markers must be you influencing me! :O

Reply Squirreltastic-Blue, September 7th, 2015, 9:56 pm

How do you go about your background people? Make them up, google, cameos...? Come on, spill the beans.

Reply mitchellbravo, September 8th, 2015, 8:06 pm

@Squirreltastic-Blue: It depends, really! I try to avoid googling or cameos because it tends to make that character's design stick out among the rest (or not mesh with my existing characters which takes attention away from them). Sometimes I'll do a guy based loosely on a famous person but without using a reference so it doesn't look too out of place. They tend to fill themselves in, somehow.

I used to use existing characters from previous works I'd made back in high school and stuff, but I ran out of designs, and my style back then was so limited that again the styles didn't really mesh and it was actually kind of boring for me to do it that way.

Reply mitchellbravo, September 8th, 2015, 8:11 pm

@Oly-RRR: THAT DESCRIPTION OF THEIR DAY THOUGH. XD XD XD Was Marie the one I pictured playing with Wayland months ago, or was it Cal? No, Cal takes obnoxious care of Llane, Aggie and Teague escape in the night to hang out by the cemetary and bitch about oppression....

I might even just put him in advertisements in backgrounds and stuff like that, he has one of those type of faces XP

Oooh thanks!!! I feel like I know what you're talking about, agian can't think of what it is either. It's definitely a look that's rooted in older picture books/cartoons, like the backgrounds of cel shaded cartoons (where you can pick which door the character is going to open because it's rendered the simplest :P ). Harder to employ when working digitally even as much as I've seen a lot of people doing cool things with texture, I think because like we had talked about a lot of the time people have an idea that digital art should be tidy and it takes away some of the fun messiness for them.

AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! I STARTED DRAWING DETAILS ON NECKS, THAT'S FROM YOU :D :D :D I don't think it shows much ont hese scenes what with the collars and Hilda not really having much of a neck THOUGH YOU TOTALLY SEE IT A BIT ON OVAL ON THE NEXT PAGE. I've hesitated using colored pencils lately but I'm sure I'll be aping some of your technique when that eventually happens :D

Reply Oly-RRR, September 9th, 2015, 6:44 pm

@mitchellbravo: I think it was Cal at first (as the resident do-gooder) but I like the new version of events too! :D

Haha, yeah, he does look like a travelling salesman!

Yeah, that kind of thing! And yeah, I'm still trying to make my digital stuff "messy" enough because it's totally doable with newer hardware/software but old habits die hard. Makes me wish I started Cop Story traditional because by now I like both and so will be probably be stuck on those two chairs forever. IT'S OKAY MY ARSE IS LARGE ENOUGH FOR THAT u_u

Awww I see it now!! :D I want to stick with markers only for some picture or maybe even a short comic but so far always end up adding at least some shading/highlights in pencils.

Reply mitchellbravo, September 14th, 2015, 3:07 pm

@Oly-RRR: That's so funny re: markers vs. markers and pencils because for the last bunch of things I've done, I've totally intended to go back after markers and add in pencils but then I just get kind of tired of looking at everything and leave it as is.... I mean I'm sure there'll be pages coming up where the pencils will really be meaningful to the art and maybe that'll feel less forced but I have tons that I just haven't touched in a long time for some reason, very strange! I think part of it is also me trying to focus on working texture into my inks more especially with hair and stuff.

@mraab: Awwww thanks Marc!!! Glad you stopped in again :D Hanging in there as best as I can for the time being!

Reply Oly-RRR, September 14th, 2015, 3:55 pm

@mitchellbravo: Yeah, that makes sense and is sort of fun to notice and point out (except it would probably become less fun if we started treating it EXTRA SERIOUSLY like in art history books). :D

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