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Reply mitchellbravo, August 30th, 2016, 5:10 pm


Page early so what

This one turned out much different from how I initially pictured it, which is kind of a bummer but sometimes you just have to go with the thing you *know* you're capable of drawing. Maybe I can save the original staging for another dramatic moment eventually.

No one cares, but Eddie is looking at a statue in front of March Hall. I had difficulty coming up with names for buildings, so I decided to make it easy I would name them after secondary characters on Perry Mason and Matlock. Not sure how many of them will actually be featured in the comic.

It's kind of fun to draw little incendiary background people just going about their business. Looking back at my early pages, non-character background people are more or less absent until they start showing up a bit in chapter 2. Chapter 3 sees some with the prom, but then there's not really anybody "around" until chapter 5. A lot of exterior/interior public scenes that should have more hustle & bustle don't have any at all and it paints kind of a creepy picture of the cast meandering a post-apocalyptic world.

Now, that's something I could easily go back and fix, just throw in a few silhouettes or low-detail people in backgrounds of old pages. But I prefer to leave things as is, not only because I'm a little lazy, which I am, but also because it was something it took me a while to learn and I think it's good if I leave it be like that, maybe somebody else can learn it too. I figured a lot of stuff out before/during the work on chapter six, so it's kind of cool to ahve that as one of my benchmarks of progress. Some of it also has to do with the fact that most of my framing prior to ch 6 relied heavily on close-ups and medium shots that don't allow a lot of room for background detail.

Art-wise, I don't feel as confident as I did during chapter six, but some of it is just skill deterioration from spending so many months not being able to draw anything. So I'm sure a good amoutn of it will come back.

Also, unrelated to anything at all, Gene Wilder passed away yesterday. He was my favorite actor and I always hoped I would get the chance to meet him, but the news of his passing is also something I had expected for some time now. To honor the man, consider watching one of his films- Young Frankenstein is my favorite, but I also recommend-
-The Producers
-Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (which everyone has seen, but watch it again now that you're a grown-up and can appreciate the nuances of his acting)
-Start the Revolution Without Me, which is absolutely ridiculous and really fucking weird, but great if you want to just have yourself a drink and watch something bizarre and funny that would never be made today (it shows its age with a lot of sexist humor, so if you find that off-putting, skip it)
-Blazing Saddles, which was a groundbreaking comedy and still holds up well now
There are others, but these are the ones I've seen the most.

If you don't have time to watch a whole movie (and even if you do), another suggestion- do something today that will make another person smile. Gene always did. And it's something you can do no matter how horrible and dark you might feel inside of yourself. When it is too dark to find your way out, be the light for someone else.


Reply Oly-RRR, September 5th, 2016, 5:34 pm

I just want to say that March Hall looks a lot like the building the art faculty of my uni was in!!! (The main building looked like a book if you open it and put it upright, so we actually called it "the Book" and it was a mix of cool and buttugly.)

I really need to re-watch Blazing Saddles - other films too but Blazing Saddles is kind of tied to Cop Story in my head.

Reply Bluezilla, September 6th, 2016, 10:02 pm

It might not be how you pictured it, but I think this page is lovely. As a person who is now struggling to learn to color in traditional media, i keep looking at your pages and being like.... how did they get THAT to do THAT....

anyway, THAT and THAT have looked pretty good in all the new updates!!

Reply mitchellbravo, September 10th, 2016, 7:10 pm

@Oly-RRR: Aaah you'll have to send me a picture if you have one!!! And you'll have to tell me about the connection between Blazing Saddles and Cop Story!!

@Bluezilla: Thanks!!!! ;u; One thing that may help that it took me a while to figure out is the idea of layering colors over each other to help certain things stand out or create more harmony between parts of the page... for instance here the building and the trees in the far background/shrubs in front of the school I went over with a yellow color that's clearest on the front part of the building there. I think I did it on parts of the previous page too, just to pull the background back from the foreground elements. (Maybe this is something you're already doing but if not try it out if you're playing around with something!)

Reply Bluezilla, September 10th, 2016, 11:47 pm

@mitchellbravo: Thanks for the comment! I'm really still at this 'i can use different colors for the lines and the spaces...??' stage... mostly with markers. I also enjoy how you use different media to create textures. Layering one color on top of another is something i need to try more often, perhaps with more mixed media as well. It definitely makes a distinctive look.

Harmony between different parts of the page, huh? that's a good idea too. where do you get your coloring ideas? tutorials, your head??

Reply Oly-RRR, September 13th, 2016, 5:41 pm

@mitchellbravo: I'll have to look for the picture, I remember it was on brochures so there might be something online!

And it's Gene Wilder's character actually - I need to re-watch it but the whole cowboay-not-being-able-to-shoot theme hit close to home. Also it's totally a film Chance would watch - well, Chance before Chapter 1, that is. :P

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