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Reply mitchellbravo, December 20th, 2016, 5:47 pm

She does like plants and living things, though I'm not sure she likes them THIS much.

The title is just some jumbled up Spanish and Latin for thee.

This update is likely going to be the last for 2016.

**A Wrap-Up Message About This Year**
I only updated 14 times this year, which was actually 4 times less than 2015. This is unfortunate, I was really hoping to get more done this year.

The script for this entire chapter spans 8 pages front and back; finishing this scene takes us to the end of the back of page 2. -_-

I'm planning to revise a lot of the coming scenes though. There's stuff that can wait until next chapter, stuff that doesn't need to be done at all... stuff that's okay but needs to be punched up a little. A few characters I had intended us to meet this chapter but it might actually be better if we hold off a bit.

Just because it's getting to where I can see I'm already dreading drawing some of the scenes, which means they can't be that much fun to read, either. I already took out an exchange that was originally going to be part of this scene we just wrapped up, so it's not an insurmountable goal. Expect that there might be some montages forthcoming.

This time last year, I had 85 fans listed on SJ, which means I gained 11 fans over the course of the year! Awesome!! *smiles calmly, ignoring that many of the accounts are long since defunct* Thank you so much to all of my returning readers and folks who leave comments. That's a big, big part of why I continue to bother going through with all this. It really warms my heart when I get a comment from a reader, see in my stats that someone's been leafing through the archive, or even just spot an old reader returning to catch up from where they left off. Thanks for helping to make this whole thing worthwhile.

Next time I update-
-Probably will throw the Secret Santa gifts I made/received up for a little bit
-Should have a new cover page up sometime soon after the site revamp
-Will also post a "looking forward" prospective with goals for next year, anticipated scheduling, etc

Happy holidays to all of you, and I look forward to seeing you again in 2017 :) :)
<3 mb


Reply Oly-RRR, December 22nd, 2016, 8:20 pm


I already felt bad for Cecilia, this page somehow increased it with JUST ONE PANEL D:

PS. When/if you include Whitney in the cast page I think his beard should be listed as a separate character. If I were in Cecilia's shoes I'd watch out for it roaming the halls at night...

PPS. What's that terrible sound coming from the moors???

Reply Dranxis, December 28th, 2016, 6:50 pm

Whitney's the guy that Cecilia is "supposed" to be dating, right?

The page where he comments on her hair felt really familiar to me... What is it about guys you haven't seen in a while thinking you did something with your hair, when it's exactly the same? :P

This was a pretty "off" year for me, too. I'm afraid to count the actual number of pages I drew, but I know it's not as high as 14 >_< Congrats on keeping it going though, especially with these impressive establishing shots you've had to draw! I'll be sure to check back soon so I can read your 'looking forward' post.

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