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Leon Solomon

Wallwater Electric High School "Youth Response" Assessment for Students Soon to Graduate

Please answer the following questions using CLEAR AND LEGIBLE handwriting.
1. Your full name:

Leon Solomon

2. Describe your household- how many live there, what condition is it in, etc.

A spacious second story dwelling, three, in respectable condition.

3. Have you done well academically at W.E.H.S.?


3b. If your answer was "NO," how could you have done better?

I said yes, so clearly there isn't a single thing I could have done to improve my academic standing.

4. What classes did you particularly enjoy?

Are you planning to surprise me on my birthday?

5. What sort of EXTRA-CURRICULAR, SCHOOL ORGANIZATION activities have you participated in?

Orchestra, and for all of two months I went to this Science Club we had, but after a while, you get beat up too much for that to be worth it.

6. What are your hobbies outside of school?

Reading riting and rheumatism

8. ETHICS & MORALS. If you found TWENTY DOLLARS on the sidewalk, what would you do?

I can percieve that you want me to find its rightful owner. You put "Ethics & Morals" at the beginning and it's kind of a giveaway.

9. AMBITIONS & ASPIRATIONS. What do you intend to do after graduating? CONSIDER Young men, will you be able to FINANCIALLY SUPPORT A FAMILY?

I'm going to be a dentist, and I'll never have to answer these surveys anymore.

10. PRIDE & APPEARANCES. We remind students that they represent Wallwater Electric High School, as well as the town of Wallwater, even when outside of school. With this in mind, what would you consider to be your best feature? (POSTURE, DRESS, HYGIENE, ETC.)

I have drawn a self portrait diagram with detailed commentary, please see back of page

12. What skills do you possess that are likely to help you in the future?

I'm a wizard (see diagram)

13. Share an interesting fact about yourself.

But I want to hear about you

14. YOU HAVE NEARLY COMPLETED THE QUESTIONNAIRE. What is your most cherished memory from your time spent at Wallwater High School?

Why all the sentiment? Are you compiling our answers in a newsletter? You won't even read mine, you probably don't read any of them at all. What I liked about this school is that for the first year we didn't have to take these questionnaires, now we get them every term and no one ever told us why.

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