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Marie Thayer

Wallwater Electric High School "Youth Response" Assessment for Students Soon to Graduate

Please answer out the following questions using CLEAR AND LEGIBLE handwriting.
1. Your full name:

I already wrote it at the top of the paper

2. Describe your household- how many live there, what condition is it in, etc.

Nine people live in my glimmering household

3. Have you done well academically at W.E.H.S.?

Most of the time, I mean, I didn't fail anything

3b. If your answer was "NO," how could you have done better?

There is no way I can do better unless I travel through time, like the HG Wells story

4. What classes did you particularly enjoy?

Ones where the teachers weren't fuddy duddies

5. What sort of EXTRA-CURRICULAR, SCHOOL ORGANIZATION activities have you participated in?

I used to participate in stage crew, and Lady Library Leaders but they took that one away. Do you know why they did that? Can you ask them to reinstate it? I know they didn't like the girl running it but it wasn't that bad really

6. What are your hobbies outside of school?

Finding the shortest tree on the shortest mountain

8. ETHICS & MORALS. If you found TWENTY DOLLARS on the sidewalk, what would you do?

Now is it one twenty dollar bill or twenty one dollar bills because my response is predicated on the conditions therein

9. AMBITIONS & ASPIRATIONS. What do you intend to do after graduating? CONSIDER Young men, will you be able to FINANCIALLY SUPPORT A FAMILY?

I will consider young men, good idea

10. PRIDE & APPEARANCES. We remind students that they represent Wallwater Electric High School, as well as the town of Wallwater, even when outside of school. With this in mind, what would you consider to be your best feature? (POSTURE, DRESS, HYGIENE, ETC.)

No one told me this before. If I represent the town I ought to buy the scarf that has the ugly stiched-on school letters on it and wear it around, shouldn't I? You should tell people about this sooner, it's too late for me I'm afraid

11. What skills do you possess that are likely to help you in the future?

I have made it this far and haven't died yet, and therefore deduce that I am skilled at what the French call "not dying"

13. Share an interesting fact about yourself.

Well, there was one time when I was younger, I went over to play with the neighbor kid but he wasn't there, so I went inside anyway to play with his toys, because he had these brilliant metal figures his dad had made. I came home later and it turned out HE CAME TO MY HOUSE AND PLAYED WITH MY TOYS. We had just missed each other somehow! Perhaps one of us went through the backyard and the other through the front or something

14. YOU HAVE NEARLY COMPLETED THE QUESTIONNAIRE. What is your most cherished memory from your time spent at Wallwater High School?

My goodness. This isn't the kind of thing you can just ask a person right on the spot. I can't even begin to fathom an answer that would be appropriate to this question. Perhaps, perhaps I will just say it was the day they just decided to bring buckets and buckets of popcorn in for all the students to eat. Except that never came to pass. We were supposed to have popcorn day, people promised Popcorn Day, I saw many posters proclaiming the coming of Popcorn Day the way churches proclaim the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. A lot of people were disapointed. A lot of children went hungry that day.

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