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February 20th, 2012, 9:31 pm

Hinga Dinga Dergen

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS. Finally finished working on my new site.

If you ever wanted to look at cast pages and stuff like that, well, NOW YOU CAN. For only three easy payments of Nothing-Ninety-Nothing.

Here it is

I'm really proud of it, and think it came out good. However it is entirely possible that I am very very wrong and the new site is horrid! Please let me know if you have any feedback.


The_Hankerchief, February 21st, 2012, 3:47 am

The new site looks amazing. The menu at the top is the best. However, would it be possible to do this to your site on Smackjeeves?

mitchellbravo, February 21st, 2012, 10:27 am

@The_Hankerchief: Thanks a ton! I'm going to try to move the same things to here some day, but it'll probably not be for a long time. It took a few weeks and I'm too burned out at this point, but I would like to think I could do the same things here perhaps sometime during the summer.

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