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November 15th, 2012, 8:45 am

A Triumphant Return?

The intro first, followed by the good news, followed by the bad news, followed by more good news.

At the time I last updated Loud Era during the month of September, things were quite different in my life. Most significantly, I was still unemployed. Me setting the November 20th deadline seemed entirely reasonable, almost embarassingly easy.

Then- the good news- I got a job! Hooray! I am getting paid to do work and no longer feel like a shame to my family.

The bad news- I work retail. This means that, while most other people find themselves with more free time around the holidays to spend with their families, I'm one of the folks working at the places people take their families. My hours are growing more and more as we get closer to the Thanksgiving-Christmas black hole.

More hours at work = less hours to work on comic.
As a result, I am NOWHERE NEAR the point I wanted to be to un-hiate myself five days from today.

My initial plan was to revamp the site to look a lot less amateur, replace the opening pages with something a little less drab, and immediately start onto chapter four.

The good news- While I can't promise that all of those things will be accomplished by Tuesday, I can promise that I will at least give you one new thing. It looks like, barring my death, I should be able to put up the new opening. It's only 3 pages long, but I think it does a better job of setting things up, even if it's pretty subtle.

Once I have those pages finished, the next thing I will be working on is the recoding, so that when I finally do get to start on chapter four, the interface will look a bit nicer and not seem as clunky.

TL, DR: Hooray! A brand new beginning to the comic will be coming your way on November 20th. Stay tuned for other junk to come around as well!

Thanks for reading, friends! See you all soon.

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