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June 30th, 2019, 7:40 am

No page this week

Title gives you the TLDR version.

Decided to wait and hold off this week for a few reasons, mostly boiling down to the page still at this time not being ready, our scanner being lousy so if I want to scan something* I have to drive back to my family's house to use their scanner, and most importantly, I don't have the scene that follows started at all. That one's IMO a really significant scene that I've looked forward to for years, but I've been emotionally exhausted from work ending this past few weeks and can't get into the right mental space for it. So if I wasn't late this week, I'd surely be late next week and probably the week after that and possibly beyond.

So, sorry to come to you with stupid news, 5 people who actively keep up with this comic! Hope to see you next week with the thrilling conclusion of this scene

*There were a few pages I "scanned" by taking a picture with either a camera or good phone camera, but it's too much effort to put into a page only to digitize it improperly and not notice until you're partway through the editing process that something was not right with the photo you took. A good scanner minimizes that problem.

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