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Ulysses "Uly" Harper

Wallwater Electric High School "Youth Response" Assessment for Students Soon to Graduate

Please answer the following questions using CLEAR AND LEGIBLE handwriting.
1. Your full name:

Ulysses Owen Harper

2. Describe your household- how many live there, what condition is it in, etc.

My household has four people and it is in good condition.

3. Have you done well academically at W.E.H.S.?

I have not done well academically at WEHS.

3b. If your answer was "NO," how could you have done better?

I could have done better by studying more and being smarter.

4. What classes did you particularly enjoy?

The classes that I particularly enjoyed were History and Phisical Education.

5. What sort of EXTRA-CURRICULAR, SCHOOL ORGANIZATION activities have you participated in?

The extra-curricular school organization activities I have participated are sports and the Boys Charitible Work Comitty. For sports I played foot ball and basket ball. And also base ball one year.

6. What are your hobbies outside of school?

My hobbies outside of school are helping my dad to work in the garden and broken things.

8. ETHICS & MORALS. If you found TWENTY DOLLARS on the sidewalk, what would you do?

If I found twenty dollars on the sidewalk I would take it to the police station. If they can't find the person whos money it is than you can keep it.

9. AMBITIONS & ASPIRATIONS. What do you intend to do after graduating? CONSIDER Young men, will you be able to FINANCIALLY SUPPORT A FAMILY?

After graduating I want to get a good money job. I think that I will be able to financially support a family.

10. PRIDE & APPEARANCES. We remind students that they represent Wallwater Electric High School, as well as the town of Wallwater, even when outside of school. With this in mind, what would you consider to be your best feature? (POSTURE, DRESS, HYGIENE, ETC.).

I consider my best feature to be that I have good posture dress and hygiene.

11. What skills do you possess that are likely to help you in the future?

The skills I possess that are likely to help me in the future is that I am good at follouwing directions I eat well I can build things and I know all the presidants and vice presidants. I am also good at counting money.

13. Share an interesting fact about yourself.

An interesting fact about myself is that I know how to play the violin.

14. YOU HAVE NEARLY COMPLETED THE QUESTIONNAIRE. What is your most cherished memory from your time spent at Wallwater High School?

My most cherished memory from my time spent at Wallwater High School was the first time I made a touch down on the foot ball team.

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